Mrs. Prita began the presentation by explaining what PR is about, PR as an international scope and briefly mentioned the purpose of ASEAN Public Relations Network. She also mentioned how PR plays a major role to prepare people transformation and how PR helps to narrow the GAP among ASEAN and understanding each other’s barriers on: Heritage, Culture, Language and Economic Development. Mrs. Prita also stated that some of the best schools in the world exist in ASEAN countries. In addition, she also discussed how PR helps in branding ASEAN achievement and also talked about the 6 channels of Reputation for Branding the Nation through leaders, athletes and actors, tourism, cultural exchanges, education and security & political situation. For the part of how ASEAN Integration Works for Public Relations, Mrs. Prita explained that APRN’s role is to unite PR Practitioners in ASEAN and how the power of PR and the unity of PR Practitioners and Educators will bring a more advanced ASEAN to contribute globally in ASEAN countries. The presentation included brief explanation on The Competency Framework of ASEAN PR Network and the Stage of Practice of PR with a quote by American Industrialist Henry Ford to conclude the talk at the PR Congress.