Social Media can change one’s image. Social media can also be a forum to give important information to the public. This is a topic discussed at PR Corner Live form LSPR Jakarta on Monday, May 16, 2016 entitled “PR Corner: Public Information in the Era of Social Media” in Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium & Performance Hall.

There were three speakers, namely, Mr. Riza Primadi as the Special Staff of Ministry of BUMN, Mr. Ahmad Reza as Chairman of the Forum PR BUMN and Mr. Wahyu Muryadi as the Chief Editor of Tempo TV.

According to Mr. Ahmad Reza, Social media creating public opinion which can change the image of something or someone. And according to Mr. Wahyu Muryadi, because social media now, everyone can be a journalist. Spread the word through social media is a more effective way because it is faster and easier to access.

Mr. Riza Primadi said that, interaction between PR and the public now does not need to be mediated by the media. By the existence of social media, the interactions can be directly to the public, with all kinds of consequences, because it is necessary to use a different approach.

PR Corner ended with the inauguration of BUMNs PR Forum member who has been certified as Public Relations.