JAKARTA, April 29, 2020 – Indonesian Public Relations Association (PERHUMAS), handed over 100 Million Rupiah to the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) as the Coordinator of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Corona Virus Disease Handling (Covid-19). The delivery of assistance was carried out by the General Chairman of BPP PERHUMAS, Agung Laksamana.

“PERHUMAS supports the government and is ready to use its resources to work together with the government in handling COVID-19 in Indonesia”, asserted Agung Laksamana.

After the handover of aid, Doni Monardo, the Head of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid-19 Handling as well as the Head of the National Disaster Management Agency expressed their appreciation to PERHUMAS and all Indonesian PR practitioners at BNPB office.

“We are grateful for the care of PERHUMAS as the first public relations professional organization to pay attention to Covid-19. This assistance will be utilized and maximized for medical personnel, namely doctors, nurses and professionals who are at the forefront in handling Covid-19”, said Doni Monardo.

Doni also expressed his appreciation to PERHUMAS through #IndonesiaBicaraBaik as one of the efforts to build positive content and the spirit of optimism in dealing with this pandemic.

He said, in the future there should be more cooperation carried out with PERHUMAS. “In a situation like now social media is still tinged with negativity and hoaxes circulating, at this point PERHUMAS plays an important role”, he added.

Agung Laksamana added that the assistance of PERHUMAS was a concern of professional organizations in assisting the government in handling Covid-19 in Indonesia. “PERHUMAS is also ready together with all of the Branch Management Agencies and PERHUMAS Muda to volunteer to invite #IndonesiaBicaraBaik against Covid-19”, Agung said.

Source: https://www.perhumas.or.id/perhumas-dukung-pemerintah-melalui-bnpb-untuk-atasi-covid-19/