In April 22-24, 2018, The Norwegian Communication Association (Oslo) is welcoming the global communication community to discuss the role of communication in the ever-changing world at the World Public Relations Forum (WPRF) 2018.

The Norwegian Communication Association (NCA) is an organization for professional communication representatives and each year NCA organizes many activities and events, including large conferences, and will this year be one of the organizers hosting WPRF 2018.

WPRF 2018 is a world forum that will be held in Oslo, Norway, to forward a set of issues regarding the future of Public Relations (PR). The agenda of the conference is 1) to unite communication communities from all over the world and 2) to discuss the perspectives, development, and the future of PR at world level, 3) to share common knowledge for the benefit of everyone. Today, there are 160,000 PR practitioners around the world.

Large and international forums prove that PR is becoming prioritized in the communication field in different levels – domestic and global. Communication’s impact in a digital and ever-changing world is also huge. Thus, many people from various fields – educators, researchers, students, and practitioners – are called to be a part of the future development of PR. The Research and Practice Colloquium will address issues based on truth, intelligence and profit.

During the forum, experts will share their knowledge and clarify what the changes are within media, PR, technology, communication management in the period of world change, shifting of new world-order, and striving for global power sharing.