Global Alliance: Books about popular sayings and quotes reveal particular worldviews and universal truths. That is what fascinates me about them. Now that we are closing the celebration of the Diversity, Inclusion and Equality Month a well-known quote from Sir Winston Churchill comes to mind: Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common… celebrate it every day.

Since the beginning of June, thanks to the collaboration of our members and prestigious third parties, we gathered a total of 100 educational tools, comprised of articles, webinars, and podcasts about an array of relevant topics. It was also a privilege to count on the support of 14 Diversity & Inclusion Champions who participated at Dialogue Sessions for us to benefit from their experiences, perspectives and insights.  All the content is available for free to our members at

In terms of this comprehensive theme, we are on the right path, but there is still great room for improvement. We have to advise top management that Diversity, Inclusion and Equality requires not only taking a stand in relation to the way a business operates as well in regards to social issues, but it is urgent to act in accordance to company values. Generating conversations and understanding is not enough. We need to respond to different stakeholder groups, who expect to be considered, valued and respected.

At Global Alliance we value all our members voices, experiences and contributions to the DI&E Month and to our practice. Continue working committed to promote the greater good!




Gladys Díaz, APR

Diversity, Inclusion & Equality Month Chair

GA Regional Delegate-at-Large Latin America


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