IPRS, 25-28 October 2020: After the previous conference held in Bali, this year The International Public Relations Summit (IPRS) was held once again, but in the virtually with the theme Shaping the Power of Strategic Communication in Coping with the Impact of Digital Technology Post Pandemic.

A total of 4 keynote speeches and 16 topics was given by 24 speakers and moderators representing professional organizations, experts, world PR teachers from five continents, the United States, South America (Brazil), Australia and New Zealand, Europe (UK, France, Germany, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates), Asia (Japan, India, Indonesia), and Africa (Kenya).

Topics that were discussed include global dynamics in the political, economic and social fields; changes in public behavior as a result of digital technology; hope, trust, technology as social drivers in Asia; quality improvement through branding, culture, social impact and communication technology.