Dear APRN Friends,

We live in one world, and most significantly we live in a borderless world era. We cannot distinguish and separate ourselves from one society to another. We cannot say that we belong to ASEAN Community or others only. We all create a Global Alliance – One Global Alliance, and education is what makes us neighbours and develops this world. And nowadays the role of Public Relations is very big because it helps us to communicate through ages, distance, and cultures.

For this reason, this special edition is dedicated to the main issues of Public Relations situation in the current period of time at the World Public Relations Forum 2018 in Oslo, Norway. This conference is the common success of the global community of communication professionals. Speakers from dozens of countries gathered to discuss the situation of Public Relations from different perspectives to probe, illustrate, and activate.

The World Public Relations Forum 2018 – Oslo, Norway, is one more step to becoming closer to achieve a new and common understanding of Public Relations and the use of its Truth, Profit, and Intelligence in the communication profession in the upcoming years.

I believe that we jointly reach and improve all global goals together. Join us and contribute!


Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR

President Director

ASEAN PR Network