Global Alliance: Team Global Alliance Globally Continue to Unleash Their PR Passion With Yet Another Blitz of PR and Communication Materials

ASEAN PR Network proudly announces the successful Global Alliance Education, Training, and Development Month 2023. As quoted by Mr. Jaffri “Passion to Serve” best sums up the PR Heroes comprising of directors and members from corporate, academia, agencies, governments, PR associations and civil societies – of Global Alliance national, regional and global associations.

With the contribution of 350,000 members from across multiple time zones and international date lines, the GAETDM 2023 has gathered a wide range of materials with topics ranging from social intelligence and data, PR for non-profit, women in PR, understanding short video formats, new rules in earned media, block chain in marketing and communication, digitalization, PR and leadership trends, trust, branding, technology, PR strategy, online education, PR empowerment, mental health and workplace challenges.

This year at GAETDM 2023, you can enjoy the diverse, unique and inclusive range of the current PR and communication presentations and sharing from many points of view from around the world from Norway to Indonesia, Brazil to Vietnam, Puerto Rico to the Philippines and Kenya to Malaysia. It is available on the global alliance website.

Mr. Jaffri Amin Osman, Chair of Education, Training and Development Month and Chair of Asia Pacific Regional Council Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management expressed a heartfelt thank you to PR associations from the US to the UK, APRN to IPRM, PR Associations in South America to Africa and Europe to Asia, Spectra to the Peace Foundation for the incredible PR sharing.

Mr. Jaffri also stated that “On this education note, I am certainly looking forward to meeting some of our GAETDM contributors live in Chennai in September at our upcoming World PR Forum – another gorgeous smorgasbord of global PR and communication topics, speakers and live passion in action in India. Oh yes, I am also looking forward to the exciting and spicy cultural fest and food galore in Chennai. Again, your kind passion to contribute to GAETDM this year is absolutely inspiring! As the saying goes “skills are cheap, passion is priceless”.