The growing importance of sustainability, responsibility and societal consciousness highlights the question of our industry’s impact on the environment but also on social issues. These issues, together with the development of technology and digital methods, are transforming our profession, its purposes, its place in organisations, and its methods.

Communications and public relations sectors are key responders to the concerns of communities and can also be the spearhead initiating positive changes in business models and organisations. Our sector remains an  executive function able to lead long-term strategies for accompanying  organisational, environmental, and social transformation: it can provide  short term actions to manage crisis situations  and support the day to day business efficiently, consequently being a  pivotal body of collaboration and information exchange between all the  stakeholders. Therefore, addressing the trends transforming our profession collectively during a specific month will provide members with high-impact solutions and examples, a better understanding of the challenges lying ahead of us, and a common dynamic to voice the concerns and solutions of the sector.

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