Jakarta, 22nd October 2016 – Opening Ceremony Tiffany’s Painting Exhibition “From The Eyes of Tiffany.” at Sunrise Art Gallery, Fairmont Hotel Jakarta.
“Tiffany was Born with autism but it doesn’t mean Tiffany cannot communicate how beautiful the world around her is. Through her ¬paintings ¬Tiffany showed her cheerful personality. How she can catch and paint every moment with many colors that actually shows the SOUL of her ¬painting.
At the age of 25 she cannot paint ¬anymore. Her thoughts of ¬beauty and happiness are now recorded in all her 12 best paintings.
Open your heart and welcome to the world…“From the Eyes of Tiffany.”

The opening ceremony was highly attended by special guests; His Excellency Xu Bu, Ambassador for ASEAN China Missions to Indonesia and Madame Ambassador, Ibu Prita Kemal Gani and Bapak Kemal Gani, Mr. Herbet Ang President of Rotary Club Menteng and its members.
The event at Motion Blue Jakarta was the venue of the opening ceremony of the launching and followed by ribbon cutting at the Sunrise Gallery, both located at Fairmont Hotel that launched the opening of the exhibition. It was opened by speeches from Ibu Prita, Ambassador Xu Bu and Mr Herbet Ang. It also had performances from Tiffany and Michael Anthony who both played the piano very well and it was also supported with the performance from other students from The London School Beyond Academy they all showed their amazing talents in Singing and playing the piano its only a living proof how talented our special needs children are!

The kickstart of the exhibition started with an Auction of Tiffany’s 6 out of 12 paintings, Ambassador Xu Bu also supported the event by buying the beautiful Koi Fishes Painting of Tiffany. Through the Auction, the committee were able to raise money to support Tiffany’s medication and some proceeds will be shared to Autism Foundations like Rumah Autis Indonesia.

This event was supported and made possible by Ibu Prita Kemal Gani, Ms. Jessica Santoso CEO of Motion Blue, Ibu Chrisdina Hadinegoro, Director of LSBA and all the team from The London School Beyond Academy, London School Cares for Autism Awareness (LSCAA), LSPR Jakarta and also the support from Rotary Club Menteng Members.