In the ASEAN-China Relationship framework, the Centre for ASEAN Public Relations Studies (CAPRS), which is the ASEAN Study Centre of LSPR-Jakarta, was invited by the Ambassador of China Mission to ASEAN, H.E. Xuang Xilian to attend the China Mission – LSPR Youth Cultural Gathering event at the Ambassador’s residence on Thursday, July 26, 2018.
This “China Mission – LSPR Youth Cultural Gathering” event was held for the implementation of ASEAN socio-cultural society pillars which prioritize community-centered and community-driven forms of cooperation, strengthen ASEAN integration and awareness, solidarity, and partnership and a sense of community in ASEAN. Students of LSPR had the opportunity to perform Indonesia’s traditional songs such as Bungong Jempa, Butet, Sirih Kuning, and traditional dances such as Zapin dan Renggong Manis in front of the China Mission to ASEAN diplomats as a way to promote Indonesian cultural diversity effectively in an entertaining way. Surprisingly, Butet song which originally is from the North of Sumatra was quite popular amongst the Chinese audience.

Ibu Prita and H.E. Xuang Xilian, Ambassador to China Mission to ASEAN

In his speech, H.E. Ambassador Xuang Xilian conveyed that the younger generation is symbolized as a bright and dynamic sun for his/her country. This younger generation will be the leaders who strengthen relations between ASEAN and China in the future. The Chinese government launched the “ASEAN-China Innovation Year” in Beijing on April 12, 2018, and hope to increase cooperation in technological innovation and the digital economy areas. ASEAN-China has agreed to continuously update various activities to support the ASEAN-China Innovation Year, which includes a joint statement on science, technology, and innovation.

LSPR Management and LSPR Students

This year, 2018, is really special as we commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the ASEAN-China Strategic Partnership. China has become ASEAN’s biggest trading partner for nine years in a row, since the partnership was established. By 2017, the total value of China-ASEAN trade had reached US $ 514.82 billion, while the total trade of China to Indonesia was worth more than $ 63.3 billion. Another benefit, felt by Indonesia as one of the ASEAN member countries, is the increasing number of Chinese tourists visiting Indonesia and the many Indonesian students studying in China. In the future, China and ASEAN’s strategic partnership will be continued by the younger generation in enhancing ASEAN connectivity, narrowing the development gap, and also to encourage development cooperation.