As the Vietnam Public Relations Network (VNPR) approaches its fifth anniversary, a number of activities and events are planned to promote the community of professionals and students in public relations and communications. These initiatives seek not only to foster networking and the exchange of information and experience but also to uphold the industry’s professional standards. Reflecting on VNPR’s growth and achievements over the last five years, these events will allow professionals to reassess their accomplishments and goals for the future while also providing opportunities for students and newcomers to learn, grow, and contribute to the field of public relations in Vietnam.

 As GP, a founding member of the Vietnam Public Relations Network (VNPR), marks its 20th anniversary, it has reached a key milestone by joining The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management. This membership not only recognizes two decades of excellence in public relations, but also establishes GP as the first Vietnamese agency to join this prestigious worldwide network. This inclusion is expected to foster Vietnamese organizations’ integration and engagement in the sectors of public relations, communications, advertising, and marketing across regional and worldwide networks. GP’s pioneering action demonstrates the agency’s dedication to leading the way in professionalizing and globalizing Vietnam’s public relations and communication sectors, encouraging a more robust interchange of global standards and best practices within the local business.