Jakarta: Along with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of LSPR, Dr. (H.C.) Prita Kemal Gani launched her biography entitled: ‘Prita Kemal Gani, 30 Tahun Sebagai Pendidik. Multi Peran Menjadi Pemimpin, Tokoh Humas, Istri, dan Ibu’. The biography was written by Asteria Elanda, and published by Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia Publisher (KPG). From December 7, 2022, a copy of Dr. (H.C.) Prita’s Biography can be acquired by people throughout Indonesia at Gramedia Bookstores, Gramedia Digital, or Google Book and LSPR Plaza.

Through a 184-page book, Dr. (H.C.) Prita Kemal Gani shares her life experiences in 10 episodes from how she started LSPR from scratch with only two employees and a few of students.” to an institute graduating many thousands of skilled workers in the fields of public relations, communications, and business. On top of this, LSPR also opens wide employment opportunities in the education sector, a sector that determines the quality of a nation.

“Since childhood I have admired the figure of a teacher. Their presence is awaited, their voice is heard, and their figure is glorified. A teacher is noticed, because they have answers to all the students’ questions in front of them,” said Dr. (H.C.) Prita Kemal Gani. So when she was already working as a professional, within herself she still wanted to realize her desire to become an educator.

However, what are as interesting are the episodes of her life as a leader. Dr. (H.C.) Prita considers the employees and educators at LSPR as part of a family. Prita likens that establishing LSPR is like building a household. “Since the beginning, I have always been at the forefront to fight for every employee. Not infrequently in the past, I sold jewelry to pay for lecturer’s salaries. We do everything together, we enjoy the results together,” continued Dr. Prita.

“Maybe working as an educator doesn’t earn much, but we have happiness that money can’t buy,” said Prita. Currently, in LSPR many important positions have been earned from scratch. “Many of those who now occupy important positions at LSPR, were originally students and we schooled them until they earned a PhD,” she said.

Like a biography, a touching part is always eagerly awaited by the readers. Among other things, when LSPR faced trials, Prita positioned herself as the captain. At that time, she acted decisively in ‘dropping passengers’ so that the ship would not continue to be targeted and could continue. Meanwhile, it is certain that the ‘passengers’ who disembarked continued to live on a different ship. Not only that, Dr. (H.C.) Prita Kemal Gani also shares her valuable life experiences of her youngest child on the autism spectrum. “Raysha is the jewel of life and my best teacher. She taught me a higher language of communication, namely the language of love,” said Prita who continues to be active in this community. Even LSPR has developed itself by establishing the London School Beyond Academy (LSBA). Children with special needs on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can evolve at LSBA with guidance from professionals so that these special children will be able to work, live more independently, socially, and be happy. ‘Sebuah Website Kosong’ is the 7th episode in this biography providing many advantages for parents who have the same gift.

Various responses emerged to welcome the presence of this biography one of them being from Linda Agum Gumelar. “As CEO and Founder of LSPR, Ms. Prita acts as a Public Relations figure at the national and international level, pushing LSPR to keep moving forward. Hopefully Ms. Prita will never stop and never get tired of advancing the education in Indonesia,” said Linda.

Prilly Latuconsina, who is an LSPR alumni, also commented. “I was inspired by the figure of Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani who has a strong personality and character. A leader who can have a big impact on educational institutions, especially the world of Public Relations, a visionary with mature thinking who can create strategic decisions. Ms. Prita inspired me to have great enthusiasm in my career and to achieve what I want as an independent woman,” said Prilly.

A well-known Youtuber, Edho Zell, also commented, “Under the leadership of Ms. Prita, LSPR has become a campus that is relevant to the current times. It is practical in the professional world, and shapes the students to be skilled workers and creates a positive impact in Indonesia.”

Angkie Yudistia, Special Advisor for the President of the Republic of Indonesia, was one of those who was pleased with the publication of this biography. “I’m sure, with the experience and ability of Ms. Prita Kemal Gani, LSPR will be more advanced. LSPR is also a friendly campus for all students, including people with disabilities like me. It’s not an exaggeration if I say that LSPR is a campus that implements inclusiveness in its campus area,” said Angkie.

With humility, Dr. (H.C.) Prita hopes that her biography will bring benefit to society. LSPR will continue to develop itself with a global perspective, where there are no more barriers between countries. “We are ready to enter the scope of the world, to become a world community that is connected to each other in all aspects of life, in the field of economics, politics, culture, technology and the environment.”, said Dr. (H.C.) Prita.

Prita realized that the competition would be even tougher, and was determined to strive to be on par with developed countries. “In the global era, competition will come from other countries, so I prepared the LSPR teaching team and students to actively learn and develop themselves, with a commitment to local wisdom. Indonesian cultural values will not be reduced by globalization.”, continued Dr. (H.C.) Prita. The feeling of empathy, sympathy, solidarity, and togetherness, will always be the foundation of Prita and LSPR’s work.

“I dedicate this book to all readers who agree that knowledge is the most valuable investment”, said Dr. (H.C.) Prita, as written on the first page of the biography.