ASEAN PR Network (APRN) and the Global Alliance PR and Communication Management today conduct the final Conference Day of the ASEAN PR Conference 2017 in Bali on 20-23 September 2017. Entitled “Communicating ASEAN in Global Competitiveness,” the conference hosted discussions about the future of PR and communications in ASEAN to compete in this new global community. The event brought together 250 attendees, most of them were executives and PR professional from around the globe, including Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, and Brazil.

Prita Kemal Gani gives a token of appreciation to the keynote speaker, Chairul Tanjung.

Today, Chairul Tanjung, CEO of CT Corp and Former Coordinating Minister of Economics of Indonesia opened main stage conversation in a keynote about PR and communication roles to help the country in facing any unexpected competition within the region. “One of the biggest challenge is, we are living in digitization era that everyone can be a PR. This being a world-changing moment and the challenge for PR professionals is to figure out how to integrate this with the professional works,” said Chairul Tanjung.

The businessman who is renowned as Pak CT also highlighted the positioning of Indonesia as the land of opportunities, as the domestic consumption dominate the GDP by 60% of the country’s total revenue. Furthermore he invites all ASEAN PR Conference 2017 participants to collaborate to boost the economic growth of Southeast Asia. “To nurture the investment environment, then we should add our knowledges in communication, particularly between countries in the region as partners. Good communication can build trust and afterwards, fosters networking and influence good harmony in other aspects, including economic,” add Chairul Tanjung.

To discuss about the challenges, this conference took an in-depth look at PR and Communication efforts within ASEAN in facing new challenges and opportunities in the rise of communication technology, social, environmental, political landscapes, and any commercial potential within region. Key talking points include:

  • Victor Chin (CEO WebTV Asia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Phillipines) and N. Nurlaela Arief (Head of Corporate Communications PT Biofarma) shared strategies to reshape people’s perception of ASEAN Image to preserve ASEAN culture which as a result, creating a wider friendship in global network.
  • Prof. Anne Gregory (Professor of Corporate Communications, University of Huddersfield) and Ramon R. Osorio (Former President of Public Relations Society of The Philippines) share their thoughts on PR competencies and abilities in ASEAN and globally.
  • Devy Suradji (Special Staff in Communication and Media, Ministry of Indonesia State Owned Companies) and Tofan Mahdi (Head of Communication Division of PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk Indonesia) led a session about the positioning and how to attract global community with all the ASEAN uniqueness and characteristics as their identity.
  • Nuthaboon Pornrattanachareon (Assistant Dean for Administration and Academic Support, Mahidol University International College, Nakon Phathom) and Krishnasamy Bhavani (Former President of the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore and APRN Honorary Council Member) shared some strategies on how to understand, refine, and manage the ASEAN brand in the global context.
  • Jose Velasco (Chair of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management PR Consultant Executive Coach), Leila Djafaar (Former President Director PT AQUA Golden Mississippi & VP General Secretary Danone Indonesia), and Jennifer Muir (National President of the Public Relations Institute of Australia) led a discussion about how to build a strong reputation in competitive world.
  • Prof. Gregor Halff (Professor and Deputy Dean at Singapore Management University) and Dr. Rudi Sukandar (Head of Thesis Department The London School of Public Relations Jakarta) share their perspectives on global PR education towards ASEAN integration.
  • Daniel Tisch (CEO of Argyle Public Relationships) and Lisa Mihardja (Founder & CEO of Alleira Batik) led a session on how to expand the ASEAN brand in the International creative economy era.

The ASEAN PR Conference 2017 is a 3-day conference preceded by pre-conference programs such as Submission of Papers/Abstract, Association workshops and welcome reception. To download all the presentation materials and more information about the event, visit