As an appreciation to commemorate the 25th anniversary between China and ASEAN as dialogue relations, ASEAN Talks comes back with the theme of “Comprehensive Communication: An Efficient Approach to Better Integration of ASEAN and China,” which was held on 18 November 2016, at Prof. Margono Research Centre, London School of Public Relations – Jakarta. ASEAN Talks is a talk show from ASEAN Centre for Public Relations Studies (CAPRS) in cooperation with the ASEAN Public Relations Network (APRN). ASEAN talks this month entered the seventh edition (#7) and presents two speakers, namely Tim Young, Head and Chief Correspondent China Economic Daily and Wang Zeliang, Director of Press and Public Affairs, Mission of the People’s Republic of China to ASEAN.

“We have to run the process of people to people exchange, by strengthening ties to the country of China, which is one of the ASEAN dialogue partners, as has been done in 2016, with China to facilitate researchers – researchers, including researchers from CAPRS cultural exchange and an international seminar on China ASEAN dna “Yuliana said Riana P, MM, Head of Centre for ASEAN Public Relations Sudies. Yuliana also added, “When we talk about China, which is always hotly discussed issue is a political issue, sometimes we forget that China is the largest trading partner for
the countries – ASEAN.”

China is a dialogue partner of ASEAN since 1991. Chinese Mission to ASEAN serves as a bridge of communication, cooperation and friendship envoys, as well as tools to promote the development of strategic partnership of ASEAN – China. China has become ASEAN’s largest trading partner for 7 years
in a row.

In ASEAN Talks # 7, Wang Zeliang, Director of Press and Public Affairs, Mission of the People’s Republic of China to ASEAN said that ASEAN and China is a dialogue partner which has been running for 25 years. One of the achievements was in 1991, the trade volume of ASEAN and China … worth $ 7.96 billion. 25 years later, the trade volume of ASEAN – China totaled $ 472.1 billion. In 2015, two-way investment between China and ASEAN has raised more than $ 156.4 billion.

Therefore, one thing that must be done to overcome the lack of communication between the ASEAN and China is to engage youth. People-to-people exchange is a key priority in relations ASEAN – CHINA and the lads always had an important role in bringing ASEAN relationship – CHINA future. 67% of the population in ASEAN is a youth below 35 years, while the number of young people in China reached 400 million people. Therefore, ASEAN and China have great potential in promoting exchanges between young fellow with more than 800 million youth. China is projecting 100,000 ASEAN youth
to learn from the Chinese state in 2020.

Tim Young, Head and Chief Correspondent China Economic Daily convey in ASEAN Talks # 7 on the ASEAN and China have some of the same desire that Capacity Production and Manufacturing Equipment, Support from the financial sector, support in terms of technology, the support of the education sector, support from the side religion, support from the international community and support from neighboring communities that ASEAN and Asia. Tim Young suggest the need for creativity to enhance the integration of the relationship between ASEAN and China. Creativity is the key to prosperity. And the most important is the role of children. Because the new and young
generation is the key to the future.

Pada akhir acara Mrs. Prita
Tak kenal maka tak sayang.
Ruguo Bu Renshi,
Zenme hui aimu ne?
You can’t love,
what you don’t know.

ASEAN Talks is a monthly talk show from CAPRS and APRN, which raised and discussed on the issue – the issue of public relations in the context of ASEAN. This talk show is expected to provide education to the community, especially among students and academics, and also to increase awareness on the importance of ASEAN countries Indonesia. ASEAN Talks have been held seven times in less time, 2016

by Nareswari