With the continuous support of the AUN Member Universities, dialogue partners, and other supporting institutions, these made the AUN achieved in its key strategic goals including (i) Narrow down educational quality gap through active cooperation in quality assurance programmes and projects; (ii) Engage with emerging priorities and challenges of higher education with effective regional and international collaboration by co-creating new opportunities on higher education particularly with the existing AUN Thematic Networks; (iii) Expand exposure to the entire region especially opportunities and educational resources through multiple international activities, programmes, and policies in line with our vision to be the Nexus of Knowledge in the region; lastly, (iv) Achieve high level of in-depth awareness of the ASEAN region in order to catch the diversity and prepare for the next generation of leaders through synergy of collective contributions.

AUN-QA, a priority flagship of the network, from its inception in 1998 to February 2015,

118 undergraduate programmes and graduate programmes of 27 universities (within AUN-QA Member Universities, AUN-QA Associate Members, and non-Member Universities) in 8 ASEAN Countries were assessed utilizing the AUN-QA System and Mechanisms. The number for programme assessments increase 4 times in 2013 and 5 times in 2014 as a result of more universities adopted the AUN-QA as the standard practiced within their institutions.

Furthermore, the AUN-QA extends its outreach through other non- Member Universities in the region through The AUN-QA training workshop. At the moment, there are 2 types of training i.e. AUN-QA Training Course for Accomplishing Programme Assessment; (Tier 1) and AUN-QA Assessor Training Workshop (Tier 2). The Tier 1 Training Course introduces the AUN-QA System and how to accomplish the programme assessment at programme   level while the Tier 2 Training aims to equip the trainees (who have completed the Tier 1 Training) with knowledge capable of conducting AUN-QA Quality Assessment as an assessor. To ensure the application of AUN-QA System region wide, and to better accommodate the increasing demand to apply the AUN-QA at the universities, AUN has increase the number of Tier 1 training to be 3 training per years while for the Tier 2, remains 1 training per year.

Prepared by The ASEAN University Network Secretariat