Jakarta, 28th September 2018, ASEAN Public Relations Network and The London School of Public Relations for ASEAN Creativepreneurship Studies presented a new program called ASEAN SPOT. Now, the world is jumping into the new revolution of the industry era which is known as industry 4.0, the era where the industry sector no longer depends on machines and people, but uses digital technology which is already integrated with the Internet or Internet of things.

The enthusiasm of people in following the ASEAN spot

In seeing this creativity, it is important to be concerned because it’s one of a developed country’s problems and now especially in ASEAN, so LSPR CACS created a new program which would be a platform to accommodate creativity and ideas which ASEAN people call ASEAN SPOT. The program will be held monthly and expects to be able to prepare ASEAN people to face industry 4.0 by putting forward a combination between creativity and technology.

Plaque appreciation and photo session with Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani

“Corporate Relations – The Digital Transformations Strategies in Tourism” was the opening topic of the series and related to the celebration of World Tourism Day on 27 September. The event was opened by Ms. Gesille Buot and Mr. Taufan Akbari as APRN and LSPR CACS hosts and continued with a sharing session with Ms. Sufintri Rahayu as a PR Director of Traveloka, Mr. Dicke Adhitya Rustiadi – GM Enterprise Service Division Segment Tourism and Hospitality Service PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk and Mr. Reza Pahlevi – Social Media Influencer and student of LSPR.

Through this seminar, the audience were able to see the effect of digital technology because digital technology is no longer just a machine, but is now part of lifestyle. Apps on our gadgets not only change the research behavior of the customer, but also change the vision of the company in identifying the use of digital technology as a tool to interact with shareholders, and most importantly customers.