Monday, April 13, 2015 – On August 8, 2015, ASEAN will celebrate its 48th Anniversary and in the end of 2015, there will be the launching of ASEAN Community. In relation to those two important milestones of ASEAN this year, APRN initiated a meeting with Mr. AKP Mochtan (Deputy Secretary General (DSG) of ASEAN for Community and Corporate Affairs Department), Mr. I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja (Director – General for ASEAN Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Indonesia and Mr. Asmono Wikan (Executive Director of The Indonesia Union of Media Publisher – Serikat Perusahaan Pers or SPS) to discuss about how APRN and SPS can take part and support the ASEAN Secretariat and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Indonesia’s plan this year. APRN itself was represented by S. Melanie (Deputy Managing Director) and Ramona Tirta (Secretary General).

Based on the discussion, Mr. Puja mentioned that he and his team have already prepared various activities to raise more awareness about ASEAN Community such as ASEAN Model Conference and competition that will be held in a few provinces; ASEAN goes to school, ASEAN goes on air and many more. Mr. Mochtan from ASEAN Secretariat also plans to have more series of events that can increase the excitement of ASEAN anniversary and ASEAN Community. They have also shown appreciation towards the support from APRN and SPS for these activities.

In the discussion, APRN informed that the organization endorsed and will give full assistance to the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) – Jakarta’s activities such as LSPR PR Festival that consists of series of events, which is organized by the students to promote and explore more about ASEAN member countries. APRN also plans to hold The 2nd APRN Conference to celebrate its 1st anniversary this year; the event will gather all of public relations academicians, practitioners and students from all over ASEAN. Previously, APRN had collaborated with SPS in conducting The 1st ASEAN Public Relations Summit and will do more collaboration such as awarding The Best Public Relations in ASEAN.

ASEAN Secretariat and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Indonesia are pleased to support these kinds of activities, initiated by private organizations. All of the plans from APRN, LSPR – Jakarta and SPS will be included as part of ASEAN 48th Anniversary and ASEAN Community launching event series.