9 JUNE 2020:  ASEAN PR NETWORK released the second episode of #PRCORONAVIRUS Webithon Series which premiered on June 9, 2020 on APRN YouTube channel. The topic for the second episode was “How PR Industry can cope with the New Normal after Covid-19”, by Mr. Ong Hock Chuan, Co-Founder of Maverick.

Mr. Ong explained, “How PR will need to cope with the fact that there will be a rise, there will be a greater demand for better measurement and better reporting to CEOs and CFOs, so that we need to master the tools and we need to get used to use the tools to measure and take measurements seriously, because in public relations, most of the time people don’t take measurement seriously. If we take measurement seriously then we can start talking to CEOs and CFOs in the language they understand, and that will get PR much further.”

ASEAN PR NETWORK released #PRCORONAVIRUS Webithon Series to show the significance of public relations in dealing with the current situation we are all facing, by acting professionally, timely communicating with stakeholders, giving advice to management to cope with various business, and community situations. APRN #PRCORONAVIRUS Webithon Series is also initiated to raise funds via Webithon to support victims of the pandemic within the Autism Community to support APRN’s commitment to Global Alliance Diversity & Inclusion Month this June 2020.

Full video of APRN #PRCORONAVIRUS Webithon Series 2nd Episode is available on https://youtu.be/gNhT4tFkw2k