Marketing and PR both play substantive roles in an organization’s success. These major functions share common ground in audience relations, but they remain distinct. Ideally, they complement each other and put the organization, not their own goals, first.

But what happens when disagreements arise between the two and turf wars take root? This topic will be among a diverse array of subjects covered at PR News’ upcoming Digital PR Conference in Miami, June 1-3.

Here are three things to keep in mind when PR and marketing disagree, courtesy of Jody Sunna, EVP, consumer and lifestyle at Havas PR North America. (Sunna will be co-leading a Digital PR Conference session on integrated communications with Torod Neptune, VP & head of corporate communications for Verizon Wireless.)

  1. Rather than looking at the challenging situation, step back and remember that both marketing and PR are there to provide a solution to the client or to one’s own organization. Pause and go back to the organizational pain point that you’re hoping to solve.
  2. Think about the merging of the two disciplines. The landscape continues to change with all marketing, PR, advertising and social channels merging into one. With a growing number of digital mediums, we have more tools at our disposal to generate greater exposure for our brands. This means looking for partnerships across the aisle to have the most traction—from amplifying earned media on owned channels to using paid to extend both earned and owned.
  3. From a PR perspective, it’s important to think like a well-rounded marketer. It’s also important to understand business goals and to remember that traditional media coverage may not always be the goal. From social influencers and networking to thought leadership programming, there are lots of other ways for messages to have impact.


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