Dear APRN Family & Friends,

Greetings of Peace and Best Wishes to Everyone!

As we all know, Indonesia at the beginning of July became the epicentre of the pandemic as new cases increased to 38-40 thousand cases daily with more than 1000 deaths a day due to Covid-19. Last week, we saw the most cases and deaths recorded in a single week so far and it has been our 4th week with strict restrictions all over Indonesia.

Most of us might be tired of Covid-19, but it seems Covid-19 is not tired of us as its new variants have reached and hit almost all of us here in ASEAN. Though some countries responded differently and as a result, they have been affected differently. Nevertheless, we see how ASEAN strives to be on top of the situation and learn from each other. We are trying to stay strong and committed to health and security with a fast and effective response. It shows also that during our struggles during the Pandemic, no country can do it alone, we need each other in the region, and regional solidarity must be taken into consideration.

We at APRN are calling for regional cooperation, partnership, and solidarity, as the three regional factors at the centre in handling this Pandemic. APRN is committed to supporting initiatives and will remain open to partnerships and collaborations in creating efforts towards recovery.

Again, thank you very much. We look forward to the day we celebrate the world free from this long-overdue Pandemic.



Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR

President APRN